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Chronic Diseases are those medical conditions that last 3 months or more and usually require continuous medical attention or hinder daily activities or both. These diseases are the leading causes of mortality and disability and affect significantly the annual Health expenditure.

Although life expectancy has risen, people spend a great part of their lives taking medications trying to treat diseases that sometimes prove to be incurable.

In the United States, one out of two people suffers from some form of Chronic Disease and one out of four from multiple Chronic Diseases.


Which diseases are characterized as Autoimmune, Chronic and Metabolic?

Certain medical conditions can “lurk” for years in a subclinical state. Deficiency accumulates deep inside our cells, which results from a lack of adequate nutrients, as well as by accumulation of substances that are not metabolized and remain trapped in the adipose tissue of cells. The process of accumulation or storage of such substances lasts for years, it is carried out insidiously, it’s not usually detected by routine tests and at some point is expressed as a Chronic, Autoimmune or Metabolic Disease.

Ways to Treat Chronic, Autoimmune and Metabolic Diseases

These chronic pathological conditions, which are mainly characterized by biochemical diversion (cellular balance of the body), have replaced the epidemics, infections and poor hygiene of the past as the main causes of death. People with Autoimmune, Chronic and Metabolic Diseases receive multiple medications, which tend to increase over time. Cholesterol, Diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Obesity, Thyroiditis, Increased Blood Pressure, Multiple Sclerosis and hundreds of other known or lesser known syndromes and diseases, from the moment they occur, accompany patients throughout of their lives.

Biochemical equilibrium and how is it restored

The treatment of all these diseases, which keep us captive and decimate the modern population, must be treated etiologically and not on a symptom basis.

The proposed treatment must be oriented towards the biochemical balance of the organism, mainly at a cellular level.

The human body has a unique ability of to heal itself. No treatment, medicine, or medical method can exist and be effective without it.

Specialized diagnostic tests able to identify the real causes leading to biochemical aberrations, which in turn can lead to Chronic Diseases are now part of daily medical practice. Once the real causes are identified, an individualized treatment can adequately treat Chronic Diseases, Syndromes, Autoimmune Diseases and in many cases cure them.

The biochemistry of the cell is gradually restored and our overall health is improved by eliminating the causes that cause Disease.

Dr. Nikoleta Koini, M.D.

Doctor of Functional, Preventive, Anti-ageing and Restorative Medicine.
Diplomate and Board Certified in Anti-aging, Preventive, Functional and Regenerative Medicine from A4M (American Academy in Antiaging Medicine).


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