Aeolis Tinos Suites

The Aeolis estate has expanded from the white stoned Cycladic cottage guest-house – “my home” — to a beautiful collection of 5-star villas featuring an artistic blend of new luxury conveniences and traditional village architecture, each with a modern twist for an unforgettable stay.  The 10-acre estate maintains a unique village feel and hosts three dovecotes, 150-tree olive grove (some trees 150 years old), vineyards and aromatic wild flowers that perfume the air throughout the estate.  Guests can find solace and refuge in the two old charming churches that grace the estate.

Just a few minutes drive from the Tinos Port and perched on top of terraced hills, Aeolis Tinos Suites offers a peaceful and quiet ambiance to relax and unwind, with incredible island views and amazing sunsets.  It has everything one needs…charm, comfort, privacy, peace and the finest in upscale personalized service.

Nestled between two traditional villages — Triantaros and Berdemiaros — Aeolis Tinos Suites is within walking distance from the village square, pristine beaches, local artisans, shopping, tavernas and the Church of the Holy Apostles (Agioi Apostoli).  Its perfect location makes it easy for guests to slip in among the locals to enjoy inexpensive, freshly-prepared traditional cuisine and experience the warmth, history, hospitality and island vibe of Tinos.  You’ll enjoy the delicious louza ham, artichokes, local cheese and meat, crisp Greek salads, Tinos honey, delightful little donuts called Loukoumades, handpicked herbs and fresh fish.

The islanders are more than happy to share the secrets of Cycladic island joyful living and why Tinos gives off an air of freedom, art, architecture and aristocracy.  There are plenty of activities to amuse or peace and quiet to relax.  You can explore the sloping green and brown terraces of the countryside, stroll through the white village clusters, discover amazing sand, pebble and rock beaches, bask in the sun’s warmth, or swim in the cool calm sea.  For the adventurous, Tinos has both mountains and giant granite boulders to climb, plenty of caves to explore and horse riding.

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