«Hair transplantation technique uses hair follicles, which are extracted from the back of the head, donor area, and implanted directly to the affected area. During the implantation phase we use the Implanter, a specially designed tool which allows a full control of the depth, direction, and angle of placement of each hair follicle. After the placement, the hair follicles follow their normal course of life and grow naturally. The transplanted hairs continue to grow for a lifetime and do not fall out, providing an 100% natural result.

Personalized design based on medical protocols, face proportions, needs and expectations or the patient. The hair follicles are handpicked and extracted one by one from the donor area, using a specifically designed disposable tool.

Hair follicles are kept at a specific temperature and in a special solution, the Hypothermosol, which enhances their growth after the implantation. We do not split nor cut the grafts. With the minimum handling we achieve the maximum growth rate.

Hair follicles are implanted directly into the suffering area using the Implanter, also with a diameter of 1mm or less, without having to create holes or slits. With the Implanter, doctors can control the depth, the direction and the angle of placement.