Elisabeth Holistic Eldercare

Welcome to the Elisabeth Elderly Care Unit, where compassion meets exceptional care to create a haven for our cherished elderly residents. Our holistic approach addresses not only their physical needs but also their emotional, social, and spiritual well-being, ensuring they lead fulfilling lives in a secure and nurturing environment. We are dedicated to offer a comprehensive array of services to enhance their quality of life.

Comfortable and Secure Accommodation: Our facility prioritizes the comfort and security of our residents. We offer a variety of room options, including 1-bed, 2-bed, 3-bed, and 4-bed rooms. Each room is meticulously designed to ensure optimal comfort and convenience. For those in need of rehabilitation, our first and second floors feature specialized rehabilitation beds with wooden slats, while the third to fifth floors offer beds designed for independent living. Wall-mounted oxygen supplies and a nurse call system further ensure their safety and well-being.

Personalized Care Plans: At Elisabeth, we understand that every resident is unique. We create personalized care plans tailored to their individual needs, ensuring that they receive the attention and assistance they require.

Nutritious Meals and Dietary Accommodations: Our culinary team prepares five nutritious meals daily, designed to meet the dietary needs of our residents. We employ specialized dietitian-nutritionists to monitor metabolism and ensure optimal nutrition.

Medical and Healthcare Support: Our highly trained medical staff, including doctors and nurses, provide round-the-clock care and supervision. We conduct comprehensive medical examinations upon admission and offer continuous monitoring to ensure timely diagnosis and intervention.

Recreational Activities and Social Engagement: We believe in enhancing the lives of our residents by offering a rich program of activities, including excursions, music days, gardening, beauty, art and crafts, and more. We prioritize their physical and mental well-being through engaging social interactions.

Cultural and Educational Programs: Our facility fosters cultural and educational growth, offering opportunities for residents to participate in cultural and artistic events, as well as religious activities when their condition allows.

Beautiful Outdoor Spaces and Gardens: Our rooftop garden provides a serene escape overlooking the preserved French Church and Thessaloniki State Conservatory. Residents and visitors can enjoy exquisite meals and beverages while watching movies on a large screen in this picturesque setting.

Additional Features:

Hygiene and Cleaning Services: We maintain impeccable hygiene standards throughout our premises, ensuring a healthy living environment.
Physiotherapy Unit: Our fully equipped physiotherapy unit is staffed by experienced healthcare professionals to improve residents’ physical health and self-care abilities.
Psychological and Family Support: Residents receive psychological support, while their family members can access counselling services.
Laundry Services: Professional laundry services are available for washing clothes and garments.

At Elisabeth Elderly Care Unit, we are committed to upholding the dignity of every resident and providing them with a safe, nurturing, and enriching environment. We believe in a person-centered approach to care, and our dedicated staff is here to ensure that our residents live their golden years with the care and respect they deserve.

Fragkon 17 546 25 Thessaloniki

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