Safe and comfortable living providing all the necessary services adapted to the needs of each individual.

  • Possibility of long-term and short-term hosting.
  • Continuous care for the personal cleanliness of the guests as well as high quality cleaning services in all areas , ensuring a healthy living environment.
  • Five basic meals, tailored to the nutritional needs of the guests, ensuring adequacy in both calorie consumption and nutrients. The food is prepared in the MFI kitchen with the best raw materials.
  • Diet supervision and metabolism monitoring by a specialist dietitian – nutritionist.
  • Daily medical monitoring and 24h nursing care, ensuring correct information for prevention and timely diagnosis for immediate treatment of health issues that may arise.
  • Complete haematological, biochemical, serological and urological check-up upon admission, by a collaborator with M.F.H. microbiological laboratory. After receiving the test results, the M.F.H. Doctor, if deemed necessary, will administer medication and repeat laboratory tests.
  • Safe management and administration of the guest’s medication, as well as temporary hospitalization. Hospitalization is limited to early diagnosis of the disease and care for timely admission to the appropriate nursing facility.
  • Specially designed spaces with all the necessary aids (handles, handrails, simple and special canes, walkers, etc.) to facilitate self-service, self-protection and in general the everyday life of the guest.
  • Fully equipped physical therapy center, to strengthen the physical health and improve the physical condition of the guests, through the application of various techniques and means by an experienced health professional, with the aim of improving their self-care capabilities, if this is scientifically feasible.
  • A rich program of activities for the employment, entertainment and strengthening of the psychological state of the guests, adapted according to the age, situation and case of each one.
  • Spacious, tasteful and quiet spaces for reading, relaxing and receiving guests.
  • Emphasis on the quality of life and the human-centered approach to care for all guests, as well as the respect and interest due to human value, regardless of their physical or mental condition.
  • Ability to exercise their religious duties and participate, if their situation allows, in cultural and artistic events.
  • Psychological support for guests by an experienced psychologist.
  • Counseling support for members of the guests’ family environment.
  • Washing clothes and clothing in professional laundries.
Elisabeth Holistic Eldercare