Embio Medical Center

Couples from all corners of the globe travel to EmBIO IVF to achieve the dream of building a family.

As one of the nation’s most experienced and largest IVF centres (with more than 10,000 babies born since 1996) our staff is committed to delivering world-class care to international patients. And through our long-standing affiliation with several universities, we are always on the cutting-edge of emerging technologies.

What does EmBIO IVF do?

A global leader in cutting-edge reproductive technologies and exceptional patient care. EmBIO IVF compassionately assists individuals and couples achieve their dream of starting a family. With more than 10,000 babies born since 1996 and each of our physicians on staff, we are among Greece’s most experienced fertility centers.

What services does EmBIO IVF provide?

If you live outside Greece and have questions about your fertility, EmBIO IVF has answers. Couples from all corners of the globe travel to EmBIO IVF to achieve their dream of building a family. Through a combination of appointments, phone consultations and local care, international patients can meet with our renowned fertility specialists.

How can EmBIO IVF help?

EmBIO IVF is a leader in reproductive science and has a history of ‘firsts’ including the first donor egg pregnancy. Our cutting-edge reproductive endocrinologists specialize in all aspects of fertility services including: IVF with donor egg, same sex couple options, gestational surrogacy, PGD, embryo adoption, second opinions and difficult cases.


Located just a few miles from Athens ‘s airport EmBIO IVF will assist in securing reservations at a hotel close by to make sure your stay is as convenient and relaxed as possible. Call to inquire about our international travel package which includes discounted rates at local hotels.

The city of Athens

During your stay you will have the opportunity to tour the world-class city of Athens. Rich in history, culture and countless five star restaurants, Athens is renowned as a ‘must-see’ vacation destination. Your hotel concierge can assist you in experiencing what our great city has to offer.

How can patients initiate a fertility evaluation at EmBIO IVF?

If you have questions about your fertility or if you would like to schedule an initial consultation…

Top Reasons why you Choose EmBIO for your Infertility Treatment

1. EmBIO Medical Center is acknowledged as one of the most experienced and successful fertility centers in Europe (watch video). Since 1996 it has helped more than 10,000 babies to be conceived, with pregnancy success rates approaching 70% in certain patient population groups.

2. We successfully treat cases of female fertility other infertility centers won’t even consider (pcos, advanced age etc).

3. We provide the most effective male fertility treatments solving all kinds of sperm problems.

4. We continuously improve our ivf success rates expertly using the most advanced assisted reproduction techniques, such as Prei-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD / PGS).

5. EmBIO’s reliable donor egg ivf programs and sperm bank are constantly at your disposal, with no waiting list.

6. Our international patients may start their IVF treatment at EmBIO spending just a few days in Greece, and be monitored by their gynaecologist/obstetrician in collaboration with EmBIO’s fertility specialists.

7. EmBIO boasts one of the largest teams of board certified reproductive obstetricians/gynaecologists and embryologists, led by fertility expert Dr Thanos Paraschos.

8. Each patient at EmBIO receives individualized fertility treatment enhancing her chance of getting pregnant.

9. EmBIO fertility clinic features the full range of conventional and breakthrough therapies alongside with supplementary mind/body programs, acupuncture, massage, yoga, individual therapy, and nutrition counselling, all targeted to achieving conception and a successful pregnancy.

10. EmBIO boasts the first donor egg pregnancy, the first IVM-vitrification, and the first birth from a frozen egg in Greece.

11. A world-class IVF laboratory and a research program on the cutting edge of reproductive technologies guarantees you’ll have the best chances at IVF success even on your first try.

Individualized Fertility Treatment
At EmBIO IVF, we respect each patient as an individual. So when it comes to helping you become a parent, we take a personal approach. From the moment you begin with EmBIO IVF, we tailor our evaluations and services to your needs. We call it your Signature Success. It’s part of the personal attention that creates the best fertility experience.

Pregnancy Profile

EmBIO IVF is known for taking on complicated cases that many fertility centers can’t or won’t consider. We believe every patient deserves a chance to build a family. Average success rates lack value since many factors influence the changes for a successful pregnancy—age, health, previous fertility treatments. We provide you with detailed information about the treatment paths and our success rates with patients in circumstances similar to yours. It’s your Signature Success Profile.

Fertility Care Team

To ensure that you receive the highest quality, personal medical attention, we have created a Care Team approach. You’ll have a chance to develop a personal relationship with your doctor, nurses, and counselor. And you can be confident that they are supported behind the scenes with scientific specialists in embryology, cryobiology and andrology.

Fertility Patients’ Total Wellbeing

The Center for Mind/Body Health, a unique Embio IVF resource, integrates scientifically valid complementary therapies such as acupuncture, mind/body programs, massage, and nutrition counseling with your advanced reproductive treatment. Research suggests that acupuncture treatments before and after embryo transfer in infertility patients may help improve pregnancy rates. Only Embio IVF offers acupuncture sessions before and after embryo tranfsers.

Holistic IVF

At EmBIO IVF, compassion is the cornerstone of our approach to patient care. We believe that in order to provide compassionate, complete care we must care for the whole patient, emotionally and physically.

Our integrated approach includes the most advanced medical treatment options combined with a caring counselling staff and a wealth of mind/body programs and resources through the Center for Complementary Healthcare.

By providing compassionate care to every patient through an integrated team approach, we work to ensure that EmBIO IVF offers the best fertility experience.

Main IVF laboratory
Embryology with Regulatory Compliance
All the equipment and software have been designed to comply with all existing and proposed regulatory requirements such as the recently introduced EU directive 2004/23/EC.
Compliance reports can be produced automatically in the format required by the local regulatory authority. Ergonomics and workflow improvement.
The operating theatre equipment provides a working environment that will assist the embryology staff to work efficiently and effectively in a pleasant environment where all controls are easily at hand and ergonomic design is a primary consideration.
The option of remote air-handling module eliminates noise and vibration from the laboratory and ensures a quiet vibration free work environment.
Full IT integration for all equipment in all locations with barcode tracking of samples and consumables.
Secure Database for your Embryos
All information is collected and centrally stored in a secure database for later analysis. Each embryo is tracked throughout the procedure providing a complete record of images, analysis, scoring and temperature plus media and disposables used at each stage of the procedure from gamete collection to embryo replacement. The process data from the laboratory is stored in such a way that all information on the couple’s treatment journal is readily accessible and easy to locate.
All records can be copied to the central LIMS system, backed up on DVD and archived to meet regulatory requirements.
See our Cutting-edge Assisted Reproduction Technoligies

ICSI Micromanipulators (Naraschighe-Nikon)
A state of the art digital microscope provides real time images viewed on a high resolution, flat panel monitor instead of through the microscope eye pieces. This, combined with ergonomic placement of all controls, ensures ease of use and maximum operator comfort.
All tools, processes, images and observations are recorded providing a complete in-vitro history of oocytes and embryos.
Laminar airflow maintains accurate temperature and environmental control, meeting all current regulatory requirements.
Microscope completely isolated from work surface and surroundings on a separate anti-vibration platform ensuring optimum conditions for ICSI procedures.
Incubators (17 incubators)
The incubators (Heraeus, Cook-mink, Galaxy) continue the level work surface at the same height as the other equipments in order to maximise safety for movement of material to and from the incubator.
Dedicated gas and power supply lines are standard with triple gas specification available.
Storage space is provided under the incubator for small gas bottles or other items.

IVF Regulations
At Embio IVF, we feel that our patients mist receive the highest quality care available. Therefore, we set quality standards and measure our success. In addition to being a fully accredited center, Embio IVF has the unique distinction of being one of the first fertility provider in Greece to become certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards. During a year-long process initiated in 2005, the entire clinical, laboratory and administrative staff diligently examined every process, procedure, document and record that affects how we provide patient care.

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