Polis – Hammam

A unique journey through time, from the “valanya” of Ancient Greece, Rome, Byzantium, Egypt, the famous hammams of the Constantinople and Smyrna, to the present day, that will guide your senses, with help of our therapists, just beginning for you.

You will experience the rituals of authentic bath care, detoxification, relaxation and well-being as have adopted and applied in the historical path of human evolution and culture through a great selection of hammam rituals, massages, and effective facial and body treatments.

Polis Hammam® is awarded as the Best Traditional Hammam in Europe for two consecutive years (2018,2019) by the Luxury Travel Guide, and enjoys excellent customer reviews. , continually receiving, the highest quality services from Trip Advisor.

“Polis Hammam is the Original Traditional Hammam that” travels “you in the past, and is adapted to all the amenities of today.”

The Polis – Hammam revive the old favorite Greek bath therapy habit, have created the Polis Loutron = bath, in ancient Greek language. At Polis Hammam®-Polis Loutron®, Your Body Care And Mental Relaxation Are Always Our Top Priority With Our Mystical Atmosphere, Cleanliness, Professionalism And High Quality Services.””

At Polis Hammam-Polis Loutron, you will find the classic marble warm space with impressive dome, polygonal marble countertops, carved troughs with running waters from traditional taps, and marble warm beds , where all the rites of Authentic Bath Care(hydrotherapy) are done, with all the traditional clothing and materials, as well as the necessary relaxation afterwards, in dedicated relaxing areas.

Our goal is to introduce you to the unique philosophy of life, based on the purification of the water, and to experience complete detoxification and relaxation, combined with the care of our specialist therapists and the pure and natural products we use.

The process of the Authentic Traditional Bath(hydrotherapy) is divided into three symbolic stages: Purification, Cleansing-Restoration and Enjoyment, so, the organization of the service follows the same logic.

After the initial stay in the hot steam room (Purification), the therapists take over, where the skin is first peeled off and washed with olive soap (Cleansing-Restoration) .Finally the process is completed with a body and head foam massage (Enjoyment).

Take advantage of the opportunity we offer, book your appointment immediately, and leave your experience to our professional hands.

Ancient Greek bath

After entering the hammam you will apply a volcanic clay mask to your body and face. This valuable mask deconstructs toxins and dead cells by providing vitality, beauty and health. A recipe that comes thousands of years ago, we use volcanic clay in combination with therapeutic oils to care and regenerate the skin of the face and scalp.

Exfoliating body and face with Hippocratic technique for healthy, smooth, perfectly clean and youthful skin. Cream and oils for the body with Greek herbs ,that according to mythology,  used by goddess Hera , for anti-aging, moisturizing, firming and rejuvenating.

kneading Hippocratic technique for total relaxation.

After this enjoyable ritual you will enjoy, in a special relaxation area, a Greek herbal cocktail drink, inspired by the ancient Greeks’ habits, for strength and longevity.

Byzantine Bath

Experience the ritual, adopted by the Byzantine emperors.

In a mystical environment, our specialized therapists prepare body and face to accept the beneficial properties of an essence also known as “myrrh” which was one of the gifts the three Kings offered to the newborn Christ.

The service includes:

Steam bath in the Hammam with angiospermae to remove toxins, strengthen the body and reduce muscle tension

Special massage movements throughout the bath treatment

Natural herbal products application of  sacred healing herbs used by Hippocrates and physicians through the centuries. These herbs are rich in resveratrol and sesquiterpene known for their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti aging, stimulating and regenerative properties. They are also against free radicals, they nourishes and strengthens skin elasticity, heals the skin and prevents stretch marks.

A natural process of exfoliation in order to remove dead cells from the keratin layer giving their place to new healthy cells which makes your skin young and beautiful

Body and head bathing with natural materials to remove any unnecessary and dirty.

A drink to stimulate your energy

Gaea Bath

The ideal treatment for intense cleansing and care. It is a complete peeling system with sea salts from the Dead Sea, for deep cleansing and then mud mask from the Dead Sea all over the body, to hydrate the skin which is done in the atmospheric hammam room,  by our specialized staff.

Result & Action:

Removal of dead cells, cleansing, nutrition, hydration, rejuvenation of the skin.

Stimulation of the cell metabolism process.

Strengthening the body’s defense.

Improve circulation and relax musculoskeletal system.

Tightening action and boosting fat burning.

Dead Sea mud ingredients used as part of the treatment enhance skin elasticity and help prevent stretch marks.

Asclepius Massage

It is the massage of the purification of the body and the soul, perfectly intertwined with the philosophy of the ancient Greek bath. It is a method of purification and relaxation, a process that is a “deep” experience, a vigorous massage and wise at the same time.

A beneficial release from intense stress and anxiety, a refreshing experience.

A dynamic choice for everyone involved in intense physical activity, made up of a variety of techniques to strengthen your body and will. Deep massage movements allow your body to relax and relax while enhancing lymphatic circulation.

Aphrodite’s Treatment

In-depth purification with 2-phase hydrophilic vegetable oil and refreshing extracts.

Peeling with rounded olive kernels to remove surface hardening and dead cells.

Special face mask for rejuvenation, hydration, regeneration

Facial massage with special cream of seaweed extracts, hyaluronic acid, green tea, pomegranate, rosemary, natural minerals & vitamins for ultimate shine, freshness, vibrancy, anti-aging.

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