Polis – Hammam

A unique journey through time, from the “valanya” of Ancient Greece, Rome, Byzantium, Egypt, the famous hammams of the Constantinople and Smyrna, to the present day, that will guide your senses, with help of our therapists, just beginning for you.

You will experience the rituals of authentic bath care, detoxification, relaxation and well-being as have adopted and applied in the historical path of human evolution and culture through a great selection of hammam rituals, massages, and effective facial and body treatments.

Polis Hammam® is awarded as the Best Traditional Hammam in Europe for two consecutive years (2018,2019) by the Luxury Travel Guide, and enjoys excellent customer reviews. , continually receiving, the highest quality services from Trip Advisor.

“Polis Hammam is the Original Traditional Hammam that” travels “you in the past, and is adapted to all the amenities of today.”

The Polis – Hammam revive the old favorite Greek bath therapy habit, have created the Polis Loutron = bath, in ancient Greek language. At Polis Hammam®-Polis Loutron®, Your Body Care And Mental Relaxation Are Always Our Top Priority With Our Mystical Atmosphere, Cleanliness, Professionalism And High Quality Services.””

At Polis Hammam-Polis Loutron, you will find the classic marble warm space with impressive dome, polygonal marble countertops, carved troughs with running waters from traditional taps, and marble warm beds , where all the rites of Authentic Bath Care(hydrotherapy) are done, with all the traditional clothing and materials, as well as the necessary relaxation afterwards, in dedicated relaxing areas.

Our goal is to introduce you to the unique philosophy of life, based on the purification of the water, and to experience complete detoxification and relaxation, combined with the care of our specialist therapists and the pure and natural products we use.

The process of the Authentic Traditional Bath(hydrotherapy) is divided into three symbolic stages: Purification, Cleansing-Restoration and Enjoyment, so, the organization of the service follows the same logic.

After the initial stay in the hot steam room (Purification), the therapists take over, where the skin is first peeled off and washed with olive soap (Cleansing-Restoration) .Finally the process is completed with a body and head foam massage (Enjoyment).

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