Maximos Pyrovetsis

Medical Tourism Facilitator

Nasos Trentzos

Tour Operator

We regard it as our vocation to offer high quality healthcare services and facilities infrastructure care, in line with the European hygiene safety standards combined with therapeutic sources around the water element, mediterranean cuisine and climate at excellent facilities with an abundance of amenities.

We represent selected hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers of the private sector as well as hotel facilities with medical and nursing infrastructure throughout the year, organizing visits to rich in content Thermal baths and  unique spas.

Our philosophy: We aim to offer the whole spectrum of water therapies to elders  with chronic conditions, middle aged who wish to rejuvenate, disabled and athletes with strains or pains of every kind. That includes but not limited to therapeutically baths to thermal spa sources and water drinking of well known scientifically tested healing springs combined with walking  and cultural excursions to various nearby destinations.

Conditions treated: Reymatic/Arthritic/Gynaecological/Skin/Neurological/Respiratory/Urinary/Gastrointestinal.

Our team shows emotional Intelligence in order to understand the patient’s needs  and  anxiety  taking into account that they are under emotional pressure.

  • Has the basic knowledge of medical terminology.
  • Has the knowledge of the political situation  along with statistics about any infectious diseases during  the time of stay
  • Knowledge about insurance market.
  • Has confidentiality
  • Shows problem solving skills with regard to unexpected circumstances and emergency issues.