Euromedica General Clinic of Dodecanese

The Euromedica General Clinic of Dodecanese began its operation in November 2006 in brand new, modern and fully equipped facilities of 12.500 sq.m. strategically located just 10 minutes away from the city of Rhodes and 15 minutes from the airport. The state-of-the-art facilities and especially the experienced, dedicated and highly trained medical and nursing staff of the Clinic ensure that patients will receive the best possible treatment, making their stay at the clinic as pleasant and comfortable as possible. The clinic is well organized, offering high quality health services, while collaborating with experienced and specialized doctors, making it the most reliable health care provider in the region.

The clinic extends to 3 floors accommodating a complete digital imaging department, microbiology labs, 10 operating rooms including delivery rooms, ICU, NICU (1st level), 94 bed facilities (a variety of two and three bedrooms, deluxe rooms and suites) and a 15-bed Dialysis Centre. The clinic is renowned for its obstetrics-gynecology department, orthopedics, genera surgery including laparoscopy, the surgical department of the endocrine glands, its breast clinic, endoscopy, urology and plastic surgery. Furthermore, the clinic operates an A&E department servicing thousands of local and international patients each year having 2 state-of-the-art ambulances to transfer any patient to and from the clinic.

Euromedica General Clinic of Dodecanese, has an established International Patients Department, for the provision of personalized service, tailored to the needs of each patient. The International Patients’ Department provides extensive information on treatment inquiries, doctor appointment scheduling, admission procedures, travel coordination, interpreting services, and general support during and after any medical treatment. The clinic collaborates with most international insurance companies.

5ο Χλμ Λεωφ. Ρόδου – Λίνδου, Δημοτική Κοινότητα Κοσκινού

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