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5 step process

Step 1: Connect to Medical Tourism Hub

You can easily get in touch with us by sending a message from browsing in our website.

We will get in touch with you within 12 hours considering difference of time to guide you fill an online medical history form and upload pertinent medical records if any, necessary for the hospital clinic or rehabilitation center to provide you an offer.

Step 2: Provide you with an offer

Our facilitators along with the administration of the clinic hospital or rehabilitation center will work on your personalized medical solution. Our aim as a Social Enterprise is to provide the best available treatment at the most affordable price levels. We will consult with you through every single step and you will be able to reach us whenever you need.

Step 3: Planning Your Treatment

Our main concern is your health, personal safety and wellbeing. Therefore we set as our priority to seek the best available treatment plan. You will be assigned a personal medical consultant that will answer any question you or your loved ones may have through teleconference using Skype zoom or other platform of your choice so you will not have unresolved issues and concerns upon your trip

Step 4: Booking Your Journey

As soon as you decided that our medical plan suits your needs and fulfills your expectations we will book your medical facility appointment to the hospital clinic or rehabilitation center, and if requested plan your travel, book your flight and accommodation around your treatment plan. Of course you are free to do by your own using your own trusted travel agent. The choice is always yours.

In any case we guarantee that whatever choice you make your medical journey to Greece will be a unique experience, since we are proud of our internationally renowned doctors and medical staff our accredited healthcare services and high quality facilities infrastructure, in line with the strict European hygiene safety standards. Should you choose to combine your treatment with Mediterranean cuisine and climate at excellent hotel facilities as top tourist destination it will be unforgettable experience.

Step 5: Meeting you in person!

Your transportation schedule will be mailed to before you leave home.

Upon arrival our medical facilitators will expect you at the airport and an assigned driver will give you VIP ride to your selected hotel and back to the airport when your trip is over.

A medical facilitator will escort you to your selected clinic hospital or rehabilitation center and make sure you meet the appointed doctor. We will make sure you are in good hands.

If you wish concierge service at optional cost we will accompany you throughout your stay in Greece. VIP Transportation to all your appointments is provided to all our hosts. If requested from the start a host that speaks your language will be provided.

Medical Tourism Hub Social Enterprise aims for the optimum physical and psychological wellbeing with all its patients. Your satisfaction from our services and your quick recovery after your treatment is as important as your treatment.

Once your final medical controls and check-ups are completed we will be available for any queries regarding your aftercare, and assist you consulting with your doctor’s team any time. We will coordinate your safe flight back home and hope to hear good reviews from you!

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