Crete Fertility Centre

Crete Fertility Centre established in Crete 31 years ago, has been offering personalized services to infertile couples, using state-of-the-art technology for IVF and a variety of human reproductive treatments.
The result is the birth of 6000 babies all over the world with the contribution of our unit.
High quality of IVF services
The international level, state of the art facilities, ensure that the highest quality of care is available. Medical and laboratory equipment is the most modern currently available, while standards of hygiene, health and safety are exemplary, in full compliance with the highest and strictest levels in Europe. These have already been confirmed by ISO Certification procedure, having the respective specification by the 24th of February of 2010. Moreover, since November 8th 2017, it is one of the few clinics in Europe that has the DIN EN 15224 certification, which is the European framework for standards for the development and implementation of healthcare management systems.
Reversing aging treatments
Crete Fertility Centre is also a pioneer in the field of ovarian rejuvenation treatment starting it in 2016, leading till now to excessive successful results. Dr Mattheos Fraidakis and the medical team of Crete Fertility Centre have succeeded in a field of worldwide impact, offering significant assistance to women suffering from early menopause. Their latest studies prove the state-of-the-art work that is carried out in Crete Fertility Centre not only in the human reproductive sector but also in the field of PRP rejuvenation therapies.
Where Crete Fertility Centre is based
It is noteworthy that Crete Fertility Centre is located on the seafront in one of the biggest and most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, Crete. Thus, it is not surprising that couples travelling to this familiar holiday destination find that the tranquil setting on this beautiful island, lessens the inevitable anxiety and tension of imminent fertility treatment.
Its peaceful location permits the provision of sensitive attention for each couple’s individual needs and specific medical circumstances in their quest for parenthood.
Add to this, our cost-effective pricing policy (compared to other European and countries worldwide) and the highest standards of medical expertise, science and health, establish Crete Fertility Centre as the best choice for cost, effectiveness and safety for all ART needs.

Services offered

Fertility treatments:

  • IVF In Vitro Fertilization:
  • PGD Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
  • Egg Donation

Reverse Aging Treatments

  • Ovarian Rejuvenation
  • Vaginal PRP Rejuvenation
  • Enriched PRP
  • Stem Cell Treatment

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