Mediterranean Center for Rehabilitation and Recovery

The Mediterranean Center for Rehabilitation in Loutraki

Much has been said and written about the treatment and healing of patients over the centuries, yet most derive from the writings of the Ancient Greeks. The Asclepeions, as is known, were the first hospitals or healthcare centers of Europe. Built as temples dedicated to the God Asclepius, the god of health and healing, pilgrims would seek refuge there for the spiritual healing, which was the healing of the time. As the ancient Greeks believed that the art of medicine was based on the divine powers of nature, the architectural design of the temples was of great significance. Water was held in great esteem as a symbol of cleansing and springs were considered to have great prophetic powers. Sunlight and good ventilation were also important for healing. Thus, the Asclepeion temples were built in areas surrounded by woods near hot or cold springs and designed in such a way that patients were warmed by sunlight while breathing fresh clean air.

For most people, the beautiful seaside town of Loutraki is known as a wellness town – famous for its geothermal springs, its Spa, sparkling sea and natural beauty. Since 2014, another entity has been added to enrich its reputation as a town of healing.

Nestled in the foothills of the Geranium Mountain Range on a private plot of land 40,000m2 and surrounded by pine trees, natural springs and rich vegetation, is the Mediterranean Center for Rehabilitation. With a picturesque view of the Corinthian Gulf and surrounding mountains, this modern rehabilitation center is true to the Asclepeian model. Hundreds of fruit and olive trees dot the Mediterranean landscape adding scents and color as you stroll along its private footpaths. The building, adorned in earth tones, blends in with the landscape while reflecting its surroundings from the mirrored windows. Each floor and rooms are spacious and properly ventilated with large windows, hallways and balconies allowing fresh air and sunlight indoors.

As a project, the Mediterranean Center is quite unique for its kind. It boasts a Main Rehabilitation Building of close to 7,000m2, a separate Guest House Building of 1,100m2, a chapel, a meeting square and a private football field and basketball court. As such taking into consideration the variety of needs of its visitors.

The Main Building is spread over 4 levels with its characteristic clean surfaces and spaciousness. It has a capacity of 100 beds with a selection of accommodation between triple occupancy rooms, double occupancy rooms, single rooms and two luxury suites. Two floors are strictly for inpatient care with fully operational nursing stations, call buttons and state-of-the-art beds. Nurses and doctors are on-call 24/7 tending to the care of each patient. The activities of the clinic are spread throughout the clinic. Inpatients and Outpatients follow treatments daily and all therapies are man-to-man. In doing so, patients form a bond of trust with their therapists which allows them to have a feeling of security, improve their psychology and reach their goals faster and with greater success.

Rehabilitation is highly anthropocentric with a strong emotional and human component that must not be ignored. A holistic approach of treatment is necessary to reach an all-around wellness of the patient. Pathological and psychological factors of the patient must be taken into account while improving and developing functionality along with retraining of permanent disabilities. Everything affecting the patient can have positive results from the personalized therapies and nutrition to how the building and landscape affects them.


Caregivers, family and friends are also integral to a patient’s healing. The Guest House, found on the same grounds as the clinic, allows for loved ones to be close to the patient while enjoying the beautiful countryside, beaches and historical sites. The Guest House is comprised of 10 luxury suites which can sleep up to 20 guests. Each room has its own bathroom and private balcony with a view either to the Corinthian Gulf or Mountains. We provide not only room and board but also meals prepared by our in-house chef.

At the base of the building, surrounded by rich landscape there is a 5 x 5 football field and a basketball/volleyball court to be used by athletes or families during their stay. There are also many paths on the grounds for walks or jogging.

Guests staying at the Guest House can also follow a rehabilitation program in the main building. After they have been evaluated by our doctors and therapists they will follow a weekly program of therapies to benefit their individual condition or needs of health and wellness.


Whether you are accompanying a loved one for medical treatment or want to combine your holiday travels with a health and wellness boost, there is much to benefit from the Mediterranean Center for Rehabilitation. We can also offer packages for disability tourism, pensioners and athletes. Visitors /guests can enjoy the benefits of treatments each day, tour the many historical, archaeological and religious sites in the surrounding areas as well as relax and take in sun on the multiple beaches.

The Mediterranean Center for Rehabilitation & Recovery has the privilege of supreme location. Miles and miles of beautiful beaches with sparkling waters are within close proximity offering the visitor an abundance of choices. Dozens of famous historical landmarks and archaeological sites are a drive away for daily excursions – sites such as Temple of Hera, Ancient Corinth, Acro Corinth, Mycenae, Nemea, Ancient Olympia, and the Isthmus Canal just to name a few. You can visit wine country in Nemea and taste their fine wines or take a tour of the many monasteries in the surrounding area.

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