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Any patient with kidney disease should be able to live life to the full. Holidays and respite breaks can help to reduce stress and improve mental well-being.

The Dialysis Units of Olympion provide high standard facilities in various locations around the country. These facilities use the newest technology in order to provide the renal patients that need dialysis, with required treatments while travelling around Greece.

Upon you request we will take care the coordination of the treatments between the medical units and provide you with the information and essential details so as to make the treatments as efficient as possible as well as giving you the time to enjoy the beautiful country of Greece.

At Olympion Dialysis Centre our mission is to provide kidney disease patients with personalized care and quality dialysis treatment. We are committed to ensuring that each patient in our centre is confident in their therapy choice and kidney dialysis treatments.

We offer several dialysis treatment options which include hemodialysis and on-line hemodiafiltration using the Baxter technical equipment.

The Kidney Dialysis Unit is part of the OLYMPION General Clinic in Patra, with a capacity of 19 beds. It is equipped with the most up-to-date dialysis machines which makes it possible to provide all kinds of dialysis treatments (simple hemodialysis, on-line hemodiafiltration).

The Unit aims for the best possible medical and nursing monitoring of dialysis patients in ideal conditions, in terms of environment and hygiene.

It should be noted, that the health benefits of the Dialysis Unit of the OLYMPION are free of charge for the patients, since all the costs are covered by the National Health Service Provider (EOPYY).

Technological and medical support potential of all specialties of the same hospital is provided, which results in good response, to any problem that may arise. On the same days of the dialysis  sessions, it is possible to carry out imaging examinations and cardiac ultrasound.

External Nephrology clinic and Hypertension clinic operate on daily basis, for the monitoring and treatemnt of patients suffering of kidney function conditions, urinary tract infections, kidney lithases and hypertension. At the same time and in order to promote primary health care in the certain area,  services to renal patients from all over Greece as well as International patients are provided, in case they reside in the area for a short period of time or are on holiday.

The “OLYMPION” offers  various treatment options,  which  include hemodialysis and on-line hemodiafiltration  using Baxter technical equipment,  while  each patient is treated separately in order to recover, not only physically but also psychologically.


  • Water processing with double reverse osmosis.
  • Possibility for on-line  hemodiafiltration.
  • Wide variety of all membranes and also surfaces Low & High Flux filters.
  • Large variety of needles (fistula needles) for painless puncture.
  • High-quality systems for the quality control of dialysis water.
  • Power generator for energy autonomy unit.
  • Electric monitored beds.
  • Ambulance to cover the needs of our patients.
  • Emergency cases Recovery Department
  • Full ultrasound exam of upper and lower urinary tract.
  • Exam with ultrasonic arteriography of the vascular network.
  • Urine sediment  exam.
  • Contract with National Health Insurance Provider (EOPYY)
  • Cooperation with physicians of other specialties (Cardiologist, Pulmonologist, Radiologist, Microbiologist, Vascular Surgeon).
  • Complete and immediate treatment of vascular access problems (Fistula, permanent catheter) in collaboration with the  Interventional Radiology Department of the Liaison Hospital..
  • Monthly laboratory check and any other check, whenever is considered necessary by the physicians.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Comfortable room for an escort with TV set.
  • Latest technology air-condition and air exchange systems in the dialysis rooms.
  • Special vehicle for patients transfer to and from the Unit.

Baxter & Quality

Baxter has a longstanding commitment to research and development, and the history is rich with medical firsts, from the first commercially manufactured IV solutions to the first portable kidney dialysis machine, and many more. Baxter continually pursues breakthrough technologies through its own research, collaborations, and partnerships around the world.

Baxter is focused on providing renal patients the best possible therapies by elevating the standards of care across all therapeutic options, whether that be in-centre or home for chronic care, or in a hospital setting for acute care. The company is committed to addressing the individual needs of patients by supporting greater access to innovative renal care products, therapies, services and support globally.

Through acquisitions and partnerships, Baxter has over 125 years of combined experience and leadership in renal replacement and blood purification therapies. Baxter continues to advance care for the millions of patients worldwide with end stage renal disease through research and breakthrough technologies.

The HD therapy is used to treat an estimated 2 million end-stage renal disease patients worldwide, and is most often performed in a clinic but also can be performed at home. The therapy works by cleaning the blood of toxins and removing extra fluids when it is pumped through an external filter, or dialyser. Baxter’s portfolio of innovative HD dialysis systems, dialysers, solutions and services provide a range of treatment options for healthcare providers around the world.

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