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Nowadays, in times of globalisation and fast-growing populations, infectious diseases are often in the spotlight of healthcare-related news. Unfortunately, these kinds of diseases are not the only ones we have to worry about. With the progressing industrialisation of countries, civilisation has changed our habits and the average age of people has increased over the last decades. So-called ‘lifestyle diseases’ have emerged, posing another major threat to our health.

So, what is a lifestyle disease?
Unlike infectious diseases, lifestyle diseases are non-communicable. The main cause for these kinds of diseases is the way we are living our day-to-day life. Unhealthy nutrition, choosing our sofa over a walk outside, smoking, drinking alcohol – we all know about it. However, following these habits extensively for a longer period can cause severe health issues like diabetes or hypertension.
The tricky part about lifestyle diseases is that they often do not show any early symptoms, or if they do so, we won’t immediately connect them to their real cause. That’s why these diseases are also designated as ‘silent killers’. Unfortunately, these silent killers can cause irreversible damage to your body if not diagnosed at an early stage. Not only organs such as our brain or heart, but also less prominent but no less important ones, such as our kidneys, can be affected.

Types of diabetes
476 billion adults suffered from diabetes in 2017, reflecting 6.3 % of the global population.
Diabetes is a lifetime disease that is characterised by constantly increased sugar levels in the blood.

Diabetes type 1
A metabolic disease caused by an autoimmune reaction. In the end, the body is not able to produce the required amount of the hormone that regulates the blood sugar level.

Diabetes type 2
A chronic metabolic disease where the body cannot effectively use the hormone that regulates the blood sugar level. This is the more common type of diabetes which is mainly triggered by your lifestyle.

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