Papadopoulion Residential Home for Seniors is an innovative Greek ‘Health Center” for Seniors providing its guests premium accommodation, primary medical support, nursing care, excellent Mediterranean nutrition and a blend of recreational activities, organized events & advanced wellness programs.

Our Residential House for the elderly is located in the city of Kalamata in southern Greece, an area famed for its natural beauty and excellent climate. The resort itself is situated on a beautiful landscaped plot amid the olive groves with views of the magnificent Taygetos Mountains to the east and the Mediterranean Sea to the south.

Just a ten minute drive from the gentle, sandy beaches of the Messinian Gulf, a five minute walk into the center of town, and only a few kilometers from Kalamata’s international airport and the city’s hospital, the Papadopoulion House of Hospitality provides its senior guests with every convenience they would expect for a relaxing and comfortable stay. Every day our guests choose between various programs: entertaining events, excursions, sportive, cultural and environmental activities.

Moreover our in-house team of doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists and nutritionists develop – specifically suited – programs of health, nutritional diets, fitness and wellness treatments. Our modern and senior-suited therapeutic equipment (e.g. dry hydrotherapies) and our outdoor and indoor pools provide delightful relaxation experiences.


All out team focuses on protecting our guests health, empowering their bodies and regaining their energy! Our guests follow daily mild exercise activities and physiotherapies specially designed for Senior Guests.
Daily Exercise – walking activities in the nearby fields and monasteries
• Programs of mild fitness and muscle training, specially designed for 3rd age seniors outdoors or in our specially equipped gym.
Wine tasting tours where guests actively join the pressing of grapes (August – October)
Pilates and Yoga Lessons
Aqua Gymnastics, Aqua Aerobics, Hydro kinesis in our indoor or outdoor pools.
Physiotherapy sessions through Dry hydro massage, Upper & Lower Hydro massage, Whirlpool Bathtubs and Pool treatments



To preserve our guests’ freedom of movement and sense of independence the Papadopoulion House of Hospitality offers a suite of transportation options and with complete wheelchair access to all of the common and private areas of the resort.

For those guests with mobility issues, our facility offers multiple elevators, wide corridors, wheelchair ramps and wheelchair-accessible doors throughout the resort. There is easy access to all indoor and outdoor common areas including the Elaia dining room, the Faris activity room, the fitness center, the indoor and outdoor pools. The indoor pools have been specially equipped with hoisting devices to assist our guests with mobility issues.

A wide range of wellness and spa facilities are available in our unit
Dry hydro-massage, olive oil massage therapies (in nature), Jacuzzi sessions, spa and beauty treatments, special nutrition programs for weight loss and weight control and physiotherapies can be performed by highly trained staff in our state of the art therapy rooms. These therapies are charged extra. If you wish, we will be pleased to send you all the relevant information as well as pricelist.

We offer:

  • Free transportation to and from the city center, as well as to Kalamata’s international airport.
  • Private ambulance service for emergency transportation of our guests to the local hospital.
  • 9-seat company mini-van travels (free of charge) from Kalamata to Athens and back, 2 times a week for residents, relatives and visitors
  • Convenient and secured parking for guests and visitors, with a parking area close to the entrance to the resort.